Monday, December 5, 2016


Since we were a little girl, we wish our wedding will be like in the fairy tale – wearing pretty dress, treated like a princess and having everyone who loves you around. Having a wonderful wedding is a wish of every woman. To those brides-to-be out there, these questions must be popped out again and again on your mind: “Do I need bridesmaids?” “Who should I choose to be my bridesmaids?”. The answer is yes, you should have bridesmaids on your wedding and it might be the best if you choose your best friends as your bridesmaid. Here are 5 reasons to have your best friends as you bridesmaids.

1. Your best friends know you best
Your best friends are the closest people to you despite of your family. Best friends are like non-blood related siblings. They know what you need, your likes and dislikes and understand what you are actually feeling. But the most important is they know how to handle your emotion. On your wedding day, you might feel very nervous and overthink so your best friends are the ones who could cheer you up and make sure you are doing great.

2. Your best friends are superheroes
You sure have worked your ass off before the wedding and want it to run smoothly as planned. However, things aren't always going to be okay and that's okay as long you got your best friends around you. They will make sure everything is going under control. Make sure you share you wedding plan with them so they will be your saviour on your wedding day. Well, a friend in need is a friend in deed isn’t it?

3. Your best friends are the best photographers
I know this might sound funny but you surely don’t want to miss any magnificent moment on your wedding so you have to make sure every moment is to be captured. Whenever there’s a chance, great angle, perfect scene the camera must be always ready. So why don’t you let your bridesmaids capture your pictures or even take pictures together too because they will be around you almost every moment on your wedding. You can also ask them to do a live update of your wedding on Instagram or Facebook. But remember, don’t be so pushy. Make sure you ask them first about this. I am sure there is no problem with it because they will definitely ask you to do the same on their wedding day, HAHA.

4. Your best friends deserves the honour to be your bridesmaid
Instead of having your best friends as normal guests at your wedding, asking them to be your bridesmaid surely will make them feel much appreciated. Bridesmaids play quite a major role a wedding. So it would be an honoured to be chosen as a bridesmaid on your most important day of your life. Having your best friends as your bridesmaids show how much you value their presence on such a significant occasion.  Besides, let’s show everyone who your best friends are. Let them know your squad *flips hair*.

Shout out to my bffs out there:
1) Superladiess - Ijah, Syira, Baya, Azwa and Ecah
2) Childhood friend - Athirah Kamaruddin
3) All syed putra non-blood related siblings (Because you guys rocked my high school life)

Do you have any reasons to add? Drop your comments below.