Friday, December 2, 2016

Simple Ice Cream Soda Apam Mekar Recipe

The Eid-ul-Fitri is not over yet. There's still open houses and raya celebration everywhere. If you decided to invite your friends to your house during Raya, you should try to make Ice Cream Soda Apam Mekar for them. You can also make this as a hantaran gift for your relatives and friends since it is very cute and appealing. Can you just imagine a basket full of cute steamed-cupcakes? Lovely! Most of the guests and friends will definitely love the taste and the squishy texture of it! The ingredients and steps on how to make these steamed-cupcakes are easy-peasy. Let’s check out the ingredients and steps below.

2 eggs
1 cup of castor sugar
1 tsp of cake stabilizer (ovalette)
2 cups of wheat flour
1 cup of Ice Cream Soda flavoured soft drinks
1 tsp of vanilla essence
Food colouring

1. Beat the butter and sugar until it turns pale. Add ovalette and beat the mixture until it becomes fluffy and thick.
2. Pour wheat flour alternately with the Ice Cream Soda flavoured soft drinks. Mix all together.
3. Add vanilla essence in and stir in everything evenly.
4. Pour mixture into cupcakes liner.
5. Steam over high heat for 7 minutes. Do not open the lid during this process.
6. Done!

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