Friday, April 22, 2016

Sorry for unintentionally ignoring comments and questions.

Hi there,

Aku ada perasan yg most of the comments and questions came from the matriculation-related post.
However, sorry sangat sangat sangat aku tak sempat balas pun. Ada yg komen since 2013 dan 2014. Aku rasa korg dah selamat masuk universiti/matrik ataupun ada yg dah habis. Maaf lah sebab tak berapa membantu.

Wechat pun aku dah uninstall sorry lah ok.

So here is the another alternatives to give comments or ask questions:

You guys can contact me there and kalau aku free waktu tu, aku boleh la jawab soalan okay.

And, the post abt matriculation is soooo yesterday but still you guys can read to get an idea of it. For choices and decision, it is up to you guys to choose and think carefully based on your capability.

Lastly, make sure you read all the post here before asking question relating to matriculation. Because I am sorta sick to answer redundant questions.

That's all, thanks!