Friday, April 1, 2016


Hi people!
Are you a student? Ard graduated? Or.. will graduate soon?

This post is especially for students and graduates who are seeking for internship, training, job or even volunteer works! 

I would like to share with you an awesome website which will make your life easier. It is all on your fingertips! 

Here I present you.......... (drums roll)

Kindly refer to links below.


In my opinion, Neovoo makes my job search more easier because it is very convenient and user friendly. Basically, this is waaaaaaaaaaay better than other job boards or job search engine. Frankly saying, I love this the most since the very first time I use the website. Thanks to Koong from UPNM who introduced me to this website and he's the admin of Neuvoo. Seriously sir, you deserve a respect!

Before we going any further, first I would like to briefly about Neuvoo.

What is Neuvoo?Neuvoo is a job search engine where you can explore job opportunities from multiple country around the world! Yes- AROUND THE WORLD!
What makes Neuvoo sooooo AWESOME?1. More variety of choices on job opportunities including internship, part time job, freelance, full time career and volunteer works.2. Worldwide! Where you can look for jobs in overseas such as Saudi Arabia, United Kindom, United State or Australia.
Below are the examples on how this website works and looks like:

For example, first at the "What?" column, you may enter any keywords such as company's name, your skills, qualifications and etc. Next, at the "Where" column you have to choose where is the place you would like to work. Be it in Malaysia or overseas. And then click the blue "Find jobs" button!

And tadaaa! Here comes the magic! All the opportunities are listed and you may proceed by clicking on the job ads! The best part is, you can even filter the post by date!

All in all, I am strongly recommend this website as a great alternative to seek for a job and other opportunities. Neuvoo - Your job search starts here.

Best regards,

Credit: Koong, UPNM. 
p/s: I wish you all the best in your studies and further work.